Tuning – Mast Trim

  • The mast is the single most important ingredient in having good boat speed, having it tuned correctly will make the boat fast and easy to sail in all conditions.
  • The mast used is a sheerline section and should have the minimum size top section. The Spreaders are minimum length 800 mm.
  • The distance from spreader tip to tip is 1500 mm, this gives the correct spreader sweep back.
  • The height of the spreaders above the cabin top is 4450 mm.
  • The distance from the aft face of the mast at the base is 2270 mm from the cockpit/deck intersection.
  • The distance from the aft face of the mast at the cabin top is 2230 mm from the cockpit/deck intersection.

Setup Rake

To setup the correct rake :

  • Remove the forestay from the bow  and place it against the mast
  • Measure up 600 mm from the cabin top and mark the forestay at this position
  • Reconnect the forestay, the distance from the mark to the deck level measuring down the line of the forestay should be 1390 mm.
  • Ensure that your mast is in the centre of the boat  by measuring accurately down from either the Genoa or Main Halyard to either chainplate.
  • Once centered you need to tension the cap shroud to do this you will need a LOOS Rig Gauge, tighten the caps until you reach 32 on the gauge.( If you cannot locate a LOOS gauge contact North Sails)
  • Forestay tension with a slack backstay should now read 25 on the gauge.
  • The lower shrouds need to tensioned on the water, they should be tensioned so that the mast is straight sideways whilst sailing at an angle of heel.

With this rake, rig tension and mast butt and deck position you should have an even mast bend and MAXIMUM sail control.