The Victorian Fleet

Here is the S80 fleet in Victoria, most of which sail on Port Phillip Bay.

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The list includes an Association Performance Rating, a continuous ongoing rating, based on elapsed times in all State Championship heats. Every boat is rated on its last performance at the State Titles against the Champion Boat of that year. It is NOT a Handicap as the rating is based on performance against the Current State Champion rather than the current handicap winner.

Using this rating to calculate corrected times will produce a winning boat who’s relative performance has improved most compared to it’s previous state championship, a method which has successfully been used for many years to award the “Most Improved” trophy at each state championship.

A boat’s rating alters after every State Championship, but only for those who took part; those that did not, hold their old rating. No appearance at the State Titles means no change in rating, however the relative position of the boat on the ladder may change due to the other boats moving.

New boats that have never had a rating and boats with ownership changes will receive a rating based on back calculated results in the first 3 heats of it’s first state championship in which it has entered. For non championship events a Provisional (P) rating may be allocated by the measurer to new boats and boats with new ownerships. This P rating is based on the boat’s current and former performance.

Boat Sail Number Owner / Skipper Performance
Rating 10/11
Rating 11/12
Intrusion Sm288 Luke Reinehr 0.999 1.000
Up ‘n Go b18 Gary Mackinven 1.000 0.989
Buccaneer M70 Jon Phillips 0.971 0.971
Skipjack M398 Bill Feore & Graeme Jackson 0.952 0.957
Flying Circus G571 Don & David Collins 0.955 0.955
Imaginer Sm1104 Chris Byrne 0.955 0.955
Rock & Roll S156 Cam Hines 0.943 0.952
Outlaw H7 Outlaw Gang 0.930 0.942
Runamuk R451 Gerry Cantwell 0.968 0.940
Merak R1221 Bas Huibers 0.926 0.937
Wild Style R80 Graham Slattery 0.932 0.932
Jack Tar S80 Rob Feigan 0.914 0.928
The Hunter b3734 Cameron & Stuart Cranstoun 0.926 0.925
Georgia b88 James Bolton 0.924 0.924
Faw B6 Gordon Syme 0.924 0.924
Good Question Sm801 John Robertson 0.947 0.918
Mood Indigo S8000 Keith Chatto & Colin McGregor 0.930 0.918
Hot Shot B67 Graham Noel 0.910 0.910
Escape R888 Anthony Beck 0.945 0.905
Take One S800 Mick Findlay 0.903 0.903
Gravitas R2178 Sandy Doull 0.910 0.895
Kasam H221 Karl Mattson & Mark Sahhar 0.883 0.883
Zardos B122 Barry Davenport 0.876 0.876
Bon Vivant Sm355 Russell Keays 0.896 0.873
Esprit H380 Miles Williamsz & Craig Jackson 0.844 0.844
San Rafael B83 Peter Dee 0.861 0.819
Urgence G1800 John Strickland 0.880 0.812
Assailant H1152 Paul Neilson & Michael Grace 0.972 TBA
Bumble Bee b58 Brian Fitchett 0.884 TBA
Espresso S947 Ian Hughes TBA TBA
Jensminc H41 Mark Sheanan TBA TBA
RedStick Revolution G80 Peter Stephens & Andrew Neilson TBA TBA
Hands & Heels Sm1369 David Sainsbury TBA TBA
Adios Sm803 Geoff Hancock TBA TBA
Moonraker M81 Gary Cook and Rod TBA TBA
Satie M394 David Reeve TBA TBA
Fascination Sm231 Craig Gibbs N/A N/A