The Take One AWKR Experience

AWKR 2016 in Take One ….Race 5 …we were having a brilliant race …spinnaker up ,lets gybe it …whoops can’t get the pole back onto the mast -huge gust of wind and we were over so fast i don’t think we could have done anything to stop it… then one crew girl dropped onto the mainsail in the water…then the next girl dropped onto the mainsail…the third was grabbed  by her braces and stopped and almost choked but happy not to be in the water ….Sue decided to do a monkey grip with legs and arms around the boom…presuming upon the boat standing up that she would be flung back on board ready to continue racing …we tried to grab the girls but were yelled at to get to the high side to right the boat …so Amanda drifted off towards the rescue vessel now coming at full speed …then Sue took some convincing to let go …to float towards the second rescue boat ….retrieved the spinnaker , lost one spinnaker sheet ,one winch,one shoe, and the rescue boats told the girls they would take them back to shore-they said no take us back to the boat for race 6 ! Wow what an experience-no-one hurt and a lot learnt ! Great keen crew ,
Take One Kellie Knowles

photography Bruno Coccozza