State Championships

The S80 Championships are held in early January and the venue rotates through the keelboat clubs in the Bay.

2017SkipjackBill FeoreRYCV
2016IntrusionLuke ReinehrRGYC
2015IntrusionLuke ReinehrRBYC
2014IntrusionLuke ReinehrRMYS
2013IntrusionLuke ReinehrSYC
2012Up n GoGary MackinvenHBYC
2011IntrusionLuke ReinehrBYS
2010Up n GoGary MackinvenRYCV
2009IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2008Up n GoGary Mackinven
2007IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2006Wilderness WearPhil Endersbee
2005Wilderness WearPhil Endersbee
2004KasaraDavid Eickmeyer
2003IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2002IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2001IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2000Alice BP. McAuley
1999Alice BP. McAuleySYC
1998Alice BP. McAuleyRBYC
1997EurekaB. CollierRBYC
1996Alice BP. McAuleyMYC
1995SkipjackW. ParkerMYC
1994SkipjackW. ParkerMYC
1993ChardonnayG. Ritchie G. Salt
1992Flying CircusW. Johnstone
1991Flying CircusI. Walker
1990ImaginerP. Martyn
1989RushJ. Rook
J. Middleton
1988RushJ. Rook
J. Middleton
1987ImaginerP. Martyn
1986RushJ. Rook
J. Middleton