Race Photos by Steb Fisher

Thank you to Steb Fisher for taking some cracking shots during the S80 State Championship. There’s more photos to follow but in the meantime why not check out some of Steb’s other fine work here.


Sm288S80Vic14_IV0781 Sm288S80Vic14_IV0634 Sm288S80Vic14_558 Sm288S80Vic14_256 Sm288S80Vic14_164 S80Vic14_238 S80Vic14_011 R1221S80Vic14_IV0255 R1221S80Vic14_364 R1221S80Vic14_289 R1221S80Vic14_274 R182S80Vic14_IV0666 R182S80Vic14_IV0201 R182S80Vic14_IV0194 R182S80Vic14_564 H398S80Vic14_303 H398S80Vic14_300 H398S80Vic14_154 H7S80Vic14_IV0663 H7S80Vic14_IV0034 H7S80Vic14_100 FleetS80Vic14_IV0870