Peter Markham Memorial Trophy (Range Series)

The Peter Markham Memorial Series is a interclub series held over 7 days spread over the summer season and hosted by the keelboat clubs in the northern part of the Bay

2017/2018 results are available by clicking here

2015/2016IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2014/2015IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2013/2014IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2012/2013IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2011/2012OutlawOutlaw Gang
2010/2011Hot ShotG. Noel
2009/2010IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2008/2009AssailantT. Say
2007/2008IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2006/2007IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2005/2006IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2004/2005IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2003/2004IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2002/2003IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2001/2002IntrusionLuke Reinehr
2000/2001Alice BP. McAuley
1999/2000Alice BP. McAuley
1998/1999Alice BP. McAuley
1997/1998Alice BP. McAuley
1996/1997Alice BP. McAuley
1995/1996ImaginerP. Martyn
1994/1995SkipjackW. Parker
1993/1994True BlueD. McKenzie
1992/1993True BlueD. McKenzie
1991/1992ImaginerP. Martyn
1990/1991ImaginerP. Martyn
1989/1990ImaginerP. Martyn
1988/1989True BlueD. McKenzie
Joint Winners
J. Rook, J Middleton
K. Hunt
1986/1987FlashK. Hunt
1985/1986ZardosP. Markham
1984/1985ZardosP. Markham