Maintenance & Repairs


The S80 Association of Victoria have spare mast sections, which have been purchased from the Western Australian S80 Association. These sections are stored locally and available to Association members. This is often the quickest way of getting a mast replaced as there is no need to wait for manufacturing and transportation lead times. Please contact the association representatives for details.

Many of the early S80’s (this would cover most of our fleet) had Sheerline masts. The section is known as S140M which is still available from Sheerline at 19 West Street Brookvale, N.S.W. 2100. One of the owners was a previous owner of Alice B so they will know what you are talking about. They can also supply the matching spreaders and can make and supply sleeves to fit existing masts. Phone/Fax 02 9938 4722 They have a web site coming.

If you have an Alspar mast then the news is not so good. Alspar were taken over by All Yacht Spars of 1853 Lytton Road, Lytton, Qld. 4178 some years ago. The Alspar sections were discontinued. The new company can supply a similar section but it will not be identical to the old Alspar section. They provide their own shipping to Melbourne on a monthly basis. Phone 07 3993 2233 ask for Joel Berg. web site


Many S80s still have the original “square” boom section. This had a “flat” on top and bottom and slightly convex sides. This has been discontinued and is no longer available. Sheerline now supply an S150B section for a boom which they say is superior.

Boom attachment (gooseneck)

Most S80s have a cast alloy gooseneck which tends to wear at the top bearing point. This can be reduced by the fitting of a stainless washer between the gooseneck and the mainsail tack shackle. This gooseneck is still available from Sheerline.

Spinnaker Pole

A new section for a spinnaker pole can be purchased from Capral Aluminium, 2131 Princes Highway, Clayton. It is a 60 X 2mm wall thickness and will cost about $60. Calculate the exact length allowing for fittings before you go as they will cut for you very precisely.

Lead (for installing compensation weights in accordance with the class rules)

Lead ingots in suitable sizes are available from Amac Alloys, 6-8 Gatwick Road Bayswater. They can cut ingots after purchase while you wait but note that their cutting is approximate, you may have to make adjustments before the lead is fitted. It can be cut with a handsaw but it is tedious. We also suggest to buy some extra as you may loose some due to re-cutting etc. The fitting can take some time due to measuring and re-measuring needs, so don’t put this job off until last minute before the championships. The lead must be fitted in accordance with the class rules;

· The first 30kg at the base of the mast

· Weight in excess of 30kg is to be equally distributed port and starboard on the chain plate bulkhead not more than 300mm below the underside of the deck.

All compensating weights shall be securely fixed in position. Loose ingots of lead in the bilge are both illegal and dangerous!

Toe Rails

If you are unfortunate to be involved in a collision, your alloy toe rail is likely to be bent. The accepted wisdom is that these cannot be straightened and are usually replaced. Here the trouble starts. The early S80s had a rail designed by Swarbrick which is now unobtainable. It is possible that the extrusion dies are still sitting somewhere and we would love to hear from anyone with that information. We do not know if they went to Sydney with the S80 moulds after the sale of Swarbrick or stayed in Perth. The later boats built by Cavalier used a different section. If your repairer suggests using this section, which is available, point out to him that the hole spacings are different so it cannot be just bolted on in place of the old one and furthermore the profile is quite different so you will end up with 2 different toe rails. Most insurance companies will agree to the replacement of both rails in this circumstance. If this happens please advise the Association so that your unbent old profile rail can be stored for possible use by the next one in need.

The S80 Association of Victoria now have toe rail sections stored locally.
This is often the quickest way of getting toe rails replaced as there is no need to wait for manufacturing and transportation lead times. Please contact the association representatives for details.

Deck Saddles, Turnbuckles, Deck Bolts and Forestay Attachment

Both deck saddles (the point where the stay turnbuckles atttach to the deck) and the stay turnbuckles have been known to break and cause boats to be dismasted. The experts advise to regularly check these fittings for hairline cracks and to replace the turnbuckles and saddles every 4 years. Whilst considering the replacement of these saddles, you may want to look at using a more solid construction such as a on-piece chain plate which is a lot less subject to corrosion and failure.

The deck bolts that hold the saddle to the deck have also been known to fail, especially at the forestay attachment where the original construction is particularly weak – the saddle is just bolted to the deck, without further support. Fitting a stainless steel tri-angular plate under the foredeck and glassed into the gunwhale is one of the better methods of strengthening this section; The forestay deck saddle is then bolted through the deck and steel plate.