For those that missed it….

For those that missed the chaos of last Saturday’s range race ClubMarine have pulled together some telling photos of the day which we’ve attached below. Unfortunately there’s no shots of any us (probably because we were all going too fast) but they certainly show what 25knots of wind and 10ft seas can do to an unprepared crew.


It was a day of near misses, closes calls and round ups a plenty. By the second race (what were they thinking?) anyone who hadn’t shredded their kite had stuffed it in the bow for a better day. Many of the S80’s running #2 or #3 downwind to play it safe. It didn’t seem to affect speeds at all with a Good Question registering a 10.5 knot moment downhill under jib.

Special mention should be made to the boys on Outlaw for a remarkable save from what could have been a nasty roundup and the boys on Merak who were forced into an emergency tack in the first race when some dullards on port failed to see them coming. We believe ther may have been a little rig touch but from the looks of things it could very well have been a lot worse.

The Clubmarine story is worth a read and our little fleet cops a mention which is good to see.

In Division Three, Up ‘n Go was a vessel that did just that. Gary Mackinven commented afterwards, “We had two really exciting rides downhill in that first race and certainly had the pace on the other S80s uphill, so we’re very happy to chalk up a win in IRC and also the Performance Handicap System (PHS). Cheers to our crew of Deanne, Len, Brian and Chris – what a great job – bruised and battered and some sickness too, but we all slugged it out and had a great day.”

The full story is worth a read and can be found here.

Results can be found here.