Festival of Sails 2017 – Moonraker wins!

The 2017 Festival of Sails was held over three days with the Passage Race followed by two races on each of the following days. The 11 yacht competing were blessed with calmer conditions than the previous weekends State Championships with.

In the passage race, the S80s benefitted with the South Easterly filling in with Skipjack finishing in under 7 hours. Flying Circus brought up the rear, only 25 minutes later after spending  a lot of time in a wind hole off Werribee.

The next two days racing was very close and it wasn’t until the last race that the podium positions were decided. Mere seconds made all the difference with the top 5 yachts only seperated by 5 points. In the end, the podium was 1. Moonraker 2. Flying Circus 3. Skipjack

S80 – Series Results

S80 Heat Results

All of the GPS tracks of the races can be viewed by going to http://tacktracker.com/cloud/regattas/show/1211714079

Tack Tracker Leg Summary Reports

Legs Summary for_ FOS 2017 Passage Race

Legs Summary for_ FOS 2017 Race 2

Legs Summary for_ FOS 2017 Race 3

Legs Summary for_ FOS 2017 Race 4

Legs Summary for_ FOS 2017 Race 5