Championship Rules




11 MAY 2004


The S80 Association of Victoria Championship Rules are intended to govern in conjunction with the Constitution, Class Rules, relevant Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions, the running of the “S80 Victorian Championships”. In addition to its use during the “S80 Victorian Championships”, other S80 regattas and championships may also make use of these rules.


Boat Owner:             Is a registered owner or co-owner of a Swarbrick 80 Sailing Yacht. For the purpose of these championship rules, a co-owner shall be required to own at least 20% of the monetary value of the relevant Swarbrick 80 to be deemed a boat owner.

Skipper:                   The individual(s) stated on the race entry form as the skipper(s) or helmsperson(s).

Relief Helmsperson:   Any member of the crew, appointed by the skipper to temporarily helm the boat.

Borrower:                 A boat owner who skippers another S80 that he/she does not own.


(a)     All boat owners of competing yachts must be members of the S80 Association of Victoria.

(b)     All skippers of competing yachts must be members of the S80 Association of Victoria.

(c)     All skippers shall be a registered boat owners or co-owners of a Swarbrick 80 sailing yacht. Proof of ownership may be required.

(d)     Every entered Swarbrick 80 must be registered with the S80 Association of Victoria and must hold a current S80 measurement certificate and relevant safety equipment compliance slip.

(e)     No distinction will be made between the iron and the lead keel versions of the Swarbrick 80.

(f)      The S80 Association reserves the right to refuse entry of any boat and/or skipper for any reason.

(g)     Variations to the above rules may be made by the Race Committee after written application to do so is received.


(a)    Each boat must be helmed throughout the championship, by the skipper(s) nominated on the entry form.

(b)    A written request for any change in nominated skipper(s) shall be made to the Race Committee stating the reason for requesting a change of skipper. The race committee may reject any such request for any given reason(s).

(c)    The use of a relief helmsperson is allowed for genuine relief duties of the registered skipper(s) during any race.

(d)    Relief helmspersons are NOT required to be members of the S80 Association of Victoria

(e)    A relief helmsperson shall not helm the boat:

  • From the warning signal until the start of any race
  • On the first leg of the course
  • During any mark rounding
  • On the last leg of the course

(h)     Yachts cannot be slipped between races of a championship series without permission from the race committee. (f)     Only one suit of sails may be used for a championship series and must be nominated and marked no later than two (2) hours before the start of the first race. (g)    Each race of the championship shall be sailed with a crew number not exceeding five, including the skipper.


Certain events may carry prizes based on the S80 Association of Victoria Performance Rating. The “Most Improved Trophy” during the Victorian State Championships is an example of such a prize. The S80 Association of Victoria Performance Rating is a continuous ongoing rating, based on elapsed times in all State Championship heats. Every boat is rated on its last performance at the State Titles against the Champion Boat of that year. The measurement sub-committee is in charge of administering the rating system and performing the relevant calculations of updating and allocating ratings.

(a)    A boat’s rating alters after every State Championship, but only for those who took part, i.e. boats that did not compete hold their old rating. No appearance at the State Titles means no change in rating, however the relative position of a boat on the rating ladder may change due to other boats moving up or down in absolute rating.

(b)    New boats or boats that have never had a rating will be allocated a provisional (P) rating by the measurement sub-committee before the championship, based on the boat’s current and former performance.

(c)    When a boat changes ownership, its current rating ceases to be valid. Upon entering it’s next championship, it will then be allocated a provisional (P) rating prior to those championships.

(d)    If a boat is skippered by a borrower, it shall be allocated a provisional (P) rating for the duration of the event in which the borrower skippers the boat.

(e)    All provisional (P) ratings shall be re-calculated after the first 3 heats of the championship. These newly calculated ratings or the current median rating of the fleet (whichever is greatest), shall be used to produce rating results for the entire series, including the first 3 races.

(f)     Any calculated rating may be altered at any time at the discretion of the measurement sub-committee.