Category: The Fleet

Escape R888

Escape R888 Рbased at RBYC. Owned by Anthony Beck

Assailant H1152

Assailant H1152 – based at HBYC. Owned by Nick Noy

Moonraker H700

Moonraker H700 – based at HBYC. Owned by the Moonraker Syndicate.

Satie H80

Satie H80 – based at HBYC. Owned by the club for use as a training vessel   Nice clean hull  

Skipjack H398

Skipjack H398 – based at HBYC. Owned by Bill Feore and Graham Jackson

Good Question Sm801

Good Question Sm801 – based at SYC. Owned by John Robertson

Merak R1221

Merak R1221 – based at RYCV. Owned by Bas Huibers

Revolution G80

Redstick Revolution G80 – based at RGYC. Owned by Peter Stephens¬†      

San Rafeal B83

San Rafeal – based at RBYC. Owned by Peter Dee.

Bon Vivant Sm355

Bon Vivant – based at SYC. Owned by Russell Keays

Recycled Reputation H10

Recycled Reputation – based at HBYC, owned by Tim Campbell. Previously called Wildstyle

Outlaw H7

Outlaw is based at HBYC – more to come!

The Victorian Fleet

Here is the S80 fleet in Victoria, most of which sail on Port Phillip Bay. For Yacht Weights,click on the following link S80_Boat_Weights.pdf The list includes an Association¬†Performance Rating, a continuous ongoing rating, based on elapsed times in all State Championship heats. Every boat is rated on its last performance at the State Titles against…